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Compliance Datalytics Prop 65 Beer, Wine and Spirits Handbook

Why guess about how to comply with California’s always evolving Prop 65 Right to Know statutes?

 Compliance Datalytics has compiled this complete Hand Book for all Alcohol related businesses required to comply with Prop 65.


The $599 The Handbook includes:

  • Your complete Guide to complying with California’s Prop 65 for in-state producers, wineries, distilleries, breweries including those with tasting rooms and restaurants.
  • Your complete Guide for online alcohol merchants selling into California
  • Your complete Guide for retail alcohol retailers and distributors in California and outside California who sell into California.

 You’d spend more than $599 just reviewing the issue with other attorneys’ and experts.

The Prop 65 Beer, Wine & Spirits Handbook provides everything you need to get your alcohol related business into compliance for the least amount of time and expense.


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