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  • Prop 65 Compliance does not need to be expensive or time consuming. Compliance Datalytics has assembled this guidebook for Breweries, Wineries, Distilleries, distributors and retailers that want to handle the P65 compliance work themselves with expert guidance. The Guidebook discusses all elements required by the State of California for premise based business as well as online sellers.
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Wine, Beer & Spirits Industry

Prop 65 Handbook

Why guess about how to comply with California’s always evolving Prop 65 Right to Know statutes?

Compliance Datalytics has compiled this complete Handbook for all alcohol related businesses required to comply with Prop 65.

The $599 The Handbook includes:

  • Your complete Guide to complying with California’s Prop 65 for in-state producers, wineries, distilleries, breweries including those with tasting rooms and restaurants.
  • Your complete Guide for online alcohol merchants selling into California
  • Your complete Guide for retail alcohol retailers and distributors in California and outside California who sell into California.

You’d spend more than $599 just reviewing the issue with other attorneys and experts.

The Prop 65 Beer, Wine & Spirits Handbook provides everything you need to get your alcohol related business into compliance for the least amount of time and expense.

Got Questions?

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Who is this guide for?

Compliance Datalytics Beer Wine & Spirits Guide is for any company selling alcohol. If you own a winery/distillery, , whether through online, or physical presence, your business could be impacted. As part of Compliance Datalytics’ ongoing litigation monitoring, we created this guide in response to a recent increase in the Beer, Wine, & Spirits industries being targeted.

what is included in the guide?

This guide includes everything you need to become compliant in your business. The guideline outlines the necessary steps of what signage should look like, and where it should be placed. We also include examples of what to do and what not to do.

Am i affected if my business resides outside of california?

Yes. If you do business by selling alcohol to California consumers  you are subject to California’s Safe Water Drinking Act (Prop 65).

What is the cost of non-compliance?

In many cases, once a company has been sent a Notice of Violation of California’s Safe Water Drinking Act, the only question is how much to settle for. In the past 3-years, the average out-of-court settlements have averaged in excess of $20,000 with judgments costing businesses in excess of $60,000!

Once a company factors in their own attorney’s fees and post-implementation compliance costs, fees can easily be in excess of $100,000!

how often are alcohol related businesses targeted with prop 65 Notice of Violations?

The Beer, Wine, and Spirits industries are targeted on an ongoing basis. We monitor NOV filings and litigation trends and created this guide in response to a recent increase in Prop 65 Notice of Violations.

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