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The Prop 65 Datalytics Group within Compliance Datalytics LLC provides Prop 65 compliance services and litigation support services for companies who have received a Prop 65 Notices of Violation. The strike team proactively monitors companies that are being targeted for a notice of violation, and work to assist companies in quickly assessing the risk associated with receiving said notice.

Companies who have received a Notice of Violation have a very tight timeline to mitigate or dramatically reduce the potential fines and legal costs associated with defending a Prop 65 lawsuit. Companies that have received a notice of violation are subject to the following:

  • 14-days to show the company has fully cured the violations (Limiting fines to $565); or
  • Implement after the 14 day timeline and and continue to accrue fines of up to $2,500 per day per product in the stream of commerce.

Average fines and plaintiff’s legal fees are averaging over $97,000 per settlement so far in 2019, which does not include internal defense fee costs. Different Private Enforcers (aka Bounty Hunters) take very different approaches to how and when they settle and for how much. The Prop 65 Strike Team can help you and your defense counsel understand who has come after you and how to respond quickly and effectively. If your attorney isn’t familiar with Prop 65 litigation we can help you retain a highly experienced firm quickly.

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